Papa Huancaina 6.95

Mouth watering tender potatoes smothered in a cheese sauce made with Peruvian yellow aji.

Yuca Huancaina 7.95

Fried Yuca Croquette smothered in a cheese sauce made with Peruvian yellow aji.

Papitas de Merkado 7.95

Steamed potatoes covered with our delicious Huancaina and Ocopa sauce.

Choros a la Chalaca 9.95

New Zealand Mussels covered with a wonderful salad of chopped Red Onions, Tomatoes, Cilantro & Corn, marinated in Lime juice and finished with our special touch.

Anticucho 9.95

Grilled Tender veal heart marinated in Peruvian spices.

Pulpo a la Parrilla 15.95

Grilled tender octopus marinated in peruvian spices.

Tuna Tartare 13.95

Juicy chunks of raw tuna marinated in our oriental sauce, served with avocado

Conchitas Parmesana 10.95

Wild Scallops sautéed with Chardonnay wine and Lime juice; covered with Parmesan Cheese au gratin.


Ceviche Clasico 13.50

The nation’s pride and joy. Our freshest fish lightly marinated in “Leche de Tigre” : Lime Juice and Aji (Peruvian hot peppers) Served with red Onions, Yam and Peruvian Corn.

Ceviche Mixto 14.95

Caught in the net a mix of different Seafood & Fish with our gastronomical “leche de tigre” served with Sweet Potato and Peruvian White Corn.

Ceviche Merkado 13.95

Small and powerful Peruvian Chilli red Peppers made into a delightful sauce to bring out the red in our flag and leave a perfect flavor in your mouth.

Merkado Central 16.95

Ceviche clasico & Chicharon de Calamar

Ceviche a la Brasa 14.95

Charcoal Smoked Ceviche.

Ceviche de Mariscos 18.95

Shrimp, scallops, Calamari and Octopus marinated in Lime juice with our special touch.

Ceviche Tasting (2-3 people) 19.95

Clasico, Mixto, Merkado.

Also enjoy our Classic Leche de Tigre 7.95


Parihuela 14.95

Fish, octopus, Calamari, Shrimp and Mussels in Aji and Tomato broth.

Chupe de Camarones 15.95

Shrimp, Potato, Rice, Egg, in Aji and cream broth.


Causa Limeña 7.50

The perfect mix of Chicken, Botija Olives and Huancaina sauce.

Causa de Atun 7.50

Our traditional Peruvian Tuna causa garnished with Botija Olives

Causa de Pulpa de Cangrejo 8.50

Delicious Crab meat topped with Rocoto Mayonaisse and Botija Olives.

Causa Ocopa de Camarones 8.50

Shrimp in traditional Ocopa sauce garnished with Botija Olives.

Merkado Causa Tasting (2-3 people) 16.50

Our Causas are so delicious that you will want to try them all!


Peruvian Fusion of the Italian Carpaccio and Japanese Sashimi

Tiradito a la Chalaca 11.95

Fish slices in rocoto creamy sauce, red onions and corn.

Tiradito Olivo 11.95

Fish slices in olive creamy sauce served with Peruvian Corn and glazed Yam

Tiradito Criollo 12.50

Fish slices in aji Amarillo creamy sauce, Peruvian corn.

Tiradito Merkado 12.95

Fish and octopus slices in rocoto and pisco creamy sauce and corn.

Pollo a La Brasa

Our famous but secret recipe.

Served with your choice of two sides:

Pollo Entero – whole Chicken 14.50

1/2 Pollo– half Chicken 8.50

1/4 Pollo – quarter Chicken 6.00

your choice of white or dark meat

Side Orders

Arroz blanco – White rice 3.00

Frejoles Negros – Black Beans 3.00

Papas Fritas – French Fries 3.50

Ensalada de la casa – House Salad 4.00

** Consuming raw seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

* 15% Gratuity will be included

* 18% Gratuity will be included in parties of 6 or more

Concept Cuisine

Lomo Saltado Risotto 17.95

Peruvian Classic Lomo Saltado fused with Italian risotto.

Shrimp Pappardelle 17.95

A delicious fusion, homemade Pappardelle pasta served with our creamy Rocoto sauce and Shrimps, flambeed in Peruvian Pisco.

Mahi-Cucho 16.95

Juicy 8oz. Mahi-Mahi fillet, seasoned with a blend of spices, served with our crema-cucho and a side of mashed yucca; with a touch of Peruvian yellow peppers, that’s to die for!!!

Mahi-Mahi Chutney 16.95

Mahi-mahi fillet grilled to perfection, covered with a delicious chutney sauce made of Peruvian peppers, served with soft mashed Yucca. Peruvian cuisine for VIPs

Quinoa Shrimp w/Camu-Camu Syrup 17.95

Quinoa breaded shrimp skewered, covered with our camu camu and aji limo syrup; served with smooth mashed yucca. An irresistible sweet and spicy combination.

Salmon a la Parrilla 18.95

Tender grilled Salmon served with our Pesto Risotto

Salmon Saltado 18.95

Salmon, Onions and Tomatoes sauteed with Chardonnay wine and Peruvian Spices

Fettuccine Fruti di Mare 16.95

Shrimp, Octopus, Calamari, and Mussels sautéed in Chardonnay wine tossed with fettuccine in a creamy Rocoto sauce.

Trigotto huancaina con lomo 17.95

Delightful wheat cooked risotto style; in rich huancaina sauce. Served with sautéed chunks of tenderloin cooked to the term of your preference.

Risotto chupe de camarones 17.95

The perfect fusion: Our famous recipe of Peruvian Chupe de Camarones, mixed with Italian Aborio rice.

Passion fruit risotto 16.95 $$

8 oz grilled Mahi Mahi fillet, perfumed w/Passion Fruit syrup and red Quinoa served on a bed of Risotto & garnished with tiger Shrimp.


Two cultures creating a perfect combination Oriental – Peruvian cuisine in three different exquisite and unique flavors of Chinese rice creating some of the most popular flavors harmony in the Wok

Chaufa de Pollo Chicken 12.50

Chaufa de Carne Beef 13.50

Chaufa Mixto (Pollo y Carne) 14.50

Chaufa de Mariscos Seafood 14.95

Chaufa Mar & Tierra 16.95

Tallarin Saltado

Same great technique applied to seasoned vegetables & fetuccini noodles with your choice of meat or seafood for a crispy fire cracking explosion of flavors in your mouth.

• Pollo Chicken 12.50

• Carne Beef 13.50

• Mariscos Seafood 14.95


Pescado a la Chorrillana 12.50

Crispy Fish Fillet topped with an explosion of sautéed Tomatoes and caramelized Red Onions, accompanied with White Rice.

Sudado de Pescado 12.50

Fish fillet, seasoned with the perfect blend of Spices, then boiled with a mixture of Red Onions and Tomatoes, accompanied with White Rice.

Tallarin Verde con Bisteck 13.95

Peruvian style Pesto sauce tossed with Fettucini pasta topped off with a juicy 9 ounce Skirt Steak ready to calm anyone’s hunger.

Chicharron Fish 15.50

Deep Fried Fish, Salsa Criolla.

Tallarin Huancaina con Lomo 14.95

Fettucini with Huancaina sauce and Beef Tenderloin, cooked to the term of your preference

Lomo Saltado 13.50

Tenderloin Steak flambeed in a Chinese wok for a culture extravaganza, finished off with Red Onions, Tomatoes and French Fries to create “one of the most famous dishes of Peru”.

Tacu Tacu con Lomo 14.95

Refried Rice and Beans, topped with Lomo Saltado.

Tacu Tacu Limeño 14.95

Refried rice and Beans served with Scallops, Octopus, Mussels, Shrimp and Calamari, in Aji Amarillo sauce.

Jalea 16.95

Crispy seafood mix with Salsa Criolla, fried Yucca and homemade Tartar sauce resting in a bed of chopped Lettuce, perfect for two to share.

Pescado a lo Macho 14.95

Fish, Octopus, Calamari, Shrimp in a Aji and Cream sauce, white Rice.

Arroz con Mariscos 13.95

Peruvian style Paella.

Tacu tacu a Lo pobre 12.955

This will calm anyone’s hunger. Golden Tacu Tacu, fried Sweet Plantains, fried Egg, and Criolla Sauce served with 8oz grilled Flat Meat Steak.

To share

Merkado Mayorista 34.95

Anticucho, Chaufa de Pollo, Yuquitas, Chicharron de Pescado

Terminal Pequero 34.95

Ceviche, Choritos, Arroz con Mariscos, Causa de Tuna

** Consuming raw seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

* 15% Gratuity will be included

* 18% Gratuity will be included in parties of 6 or more

Merkado Green

Quinoa Salad

Nutritious salad made with fresh red and white Peruvian Quinoa, wild Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, and Cilantro with a hint of Lime.


Mushroom Ceviche

Florida farmer’s Mushrooms tossed with Arugula, carefully prepared using the traditional Ceviche’s flavor.



Quinoa Chaufa

A perfect mix of Wok sautéed Quinoa, Red peppers, Mushrooms, and Scallions flavored with our secret recipe of Chinese spices (Egg optional)



Mushroom Risotto

Perfectly cooked Italian Arborio Rice, with Baby Bella Mushrooms perfumed with Truffle Oil. (Cream and Parmesan cheese optional)




Just like grandma used to make it! wheat with Baby Bella Mushrooms. (White cheese and cream optional)



Merkado Kosher

Mahi Novo Andino

Quinoa crusted Mahi Mahi fillet grilled to perfection, over our creamy and rich wheat.



Grilled trucha

Trout from the Andes, seasoned with Peruvian spices, grilled and tossed with fresh Arugula, served with Aji Amarillo, Yuca purée, Cucho sauce, and homemade Chimichurri.



Salmon papardelle

Grilled Tender Norwegian Aalmon over our homemade Pappardelle pasta in creamy Aji Amarillo sauce.



Aji limo tuna

Skewed tuna cooked to your term preference, in a bed of aji Amarillo, Yuca purée covered in perfumed Aji Limo syrup.



Ceviche de mahi

The flag of Peruvian cuisine prepared with soft and tender locally caught Kosher Mahi Mahi fish.



Chef Fabricio Pareja


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